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Why Aren't Buy Links Close To Artwork?

By Mike de Sousa
January 7, 2021

Some people would like to purchase a print or other product with the artwork design or photograph directly from a content page at 100 Artworks, Public Art World, Sky and Cloud, or elsewhere. Although this would potentially increase sales, this approach would also remove the focus away from the content, and move the visitor's attention to sales, ownership, and support.

Art's greatest value is not monetary. It is to enrich the spirit through its appeal to the senses and the mind. Art's power is to be experienced, and Art Lover VIPs help ensure the experience is free for all and without commercial distraction like buy and affiliate links, or calls to action.

Art Lover VIP aims to achieve the balance between ensuring the principle of open access to art and ideas, while at the same time generating enough income to sustain its publications and the creation of new work, without undermining the integrity of its presentations.

Links to this site are placed on the About page or copyright notice of all publications associated with Art Lover VIP. If people wish to support its aims they are welcome to do so, but the focus is not on income revenue or sales, but rather the opportunity to experience art and ideas in a contemplative and untarnished context.

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