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Does Art Lover VIP Collect Payments?

By Mike de Sousa
January 7, 2021

No. Direct payments via PayPal or elsewhere are not accepted as this would be complex to manage because of tax calculations.

All payments on the website Art Lover VIP are handled by Paddle who process VAT and tax at the point of sale. There is a special section on Paddle payments on this support site.

Each country, and often areas within countries, have different tax duties and laws for soft goods and products like prints and digital downloads. The tax for each transaction needs to be accounted for, and the appropriate tax sent to the authorities of each country in due course. The companies that provide services to Art Lover VIP like Paddle handle all tax related to payments.

To support its goals of delivering art and ideas free and for all, Art Lover VIP is transparent with its income generation and tax payments.

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