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One-On-One Monthly Conversations

By Mike de Sousa
January 18, 2021

Art Lover VIP Philanthropist Supporters enjoy a one-on-one monthly conversation with Mike de Sousa about his work and plans.

There are only three Art Lover VIP Philanthropist subscriptions available. Contact Art Lover VIP for details: info [at] art lover [dot] vip.

Conversations range broadly, are conducted over a dedicated and secure online connection at no cost to the supporter, and have no formal time limit.

This is a chance for Art Lover VIP Philanthropists to voice their opinions about a broad range of subject areas that are presented across the publications associated with Art Lover VIP, and to discuss particular artworks of their choice in depth. This ensures those who are contributing most to the costs of art, music, literature and ideas that continue to be made available free and for all, are well informed about the content they generously support.

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