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What Do I Get As A Community Member?

By Mike de Sousa
January 9, 2021


Mike de Sousa has created and directed public artworks, social publications, and community arts projects for over forty years. Art Lover VIP provides ways to support the ongoing publication and creation of new work.

Since the year 2000 Mike has published his work freely online for all to enjoy. This has resulted in a large body of work spanning art, music, literature, design, photography, and ideas. Over fifteen online publications like www.100Artworks.Today and www.TheRightsOfLivingThings.Earth are experienced by millions of visitors.

A core principle of all publications associated with Art Lover VIP is that visitors can enjoy music, art, literature and ideas without advertising or commercial tracking.

Community Membership

Art Lover VIP community members enjoy the following:

  • Art Lover VIP's Supporter Certificate.

  • Voting Powers that give the community opportunities to choose what is published.

  • Special Content that are only published for the Art Lover VIP community.

  • Exclusive Previews of upcoming work.

  • Guides to new and existing works.

  • Exclusive Access to working drafts as art and music is being created.

Around 80% of income from any income derived by community membership supports Art Lover VIP. This compares with 90% for premium downloads, and 20% from Redbubble sales. The lower income stream from Redbubble is because material goods like prints have material costs and are expensive to manufacture and ship to the customer's destination.

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