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Where Does The Money Go?

Development and Publishing Costs

By Mike de Sousa
January 8, 2021

There is a large range of costs associated with maintaining the free availability of online publications devoted to social issues and artistic presentation by making the following freely available: eBooks, art, music, literature, and photography as an artform.

A catalogue of works are available in list form at My Creative Estate:

No advertising or commercial links appear on any publications associated with Art Lover VIP.


The following is a summary of cost areas associated with Art Lover VIP.

Online Publications

  • Hosting for multiple websites that are published by Mike de Sousa that form part of Art Lover VIP:

  • Domain Name Renewals and management.

  • Domain Name Redirects.

    Domain name redirection is a cost effective way to direct traffic. For example, redirects to, and redirects traffic to

    There are very many domain names that redirect traffic towards online publications associated with Art Lover VIP.

  • Web Interface Components. Visual Styling for websites and apps using HTML and CSS.

  • JavaScript Animation Platform license for website and creative use.

  • Library of Web Design Components for website development.

  • Live Code HTML Development.

Software As A Service

Art Lover VIP uses online tools that provide Software as a Service (SaaS) that aid in development, publishing, administration, and management.


  • Website Development Services

  • Compliance Services for Aiding Accessibility.

  • Dedicated Website Legal Compliance Service.

  • Legal Compliance Service for General Data Protection and Policies under GDPR, IAB, TCF, CCPA etc.

  • Regular Security Auditing for Web Servers.

  • Website Backup Service.

  • Website Device Testing Service that helps ensure publications are compatible with mobiles, tablets, laptops, and desktops across platforms.

  • Website Analytics across all Art Lover VIP publications to review and improve page performance.

  • Website Monitoring and Public Status Update Pages to provide round the clock checks for availability, errors, and performance across Art Lover VIP publications and Apps.

  • Website Change Notification Service checks updates to privacy policies, tax, and other mission critical information.

  • Web Form and Survey Processing Services.

  • Payment provider for supporter subscribers and digital downloads.

  • Digital adoption service for the development of interactive web pages and art guides.

  • Search Engine Monitoring Service for detailed analysis of SERP (Search Engine Results Page) performance.

  • Server Side Webpage Split Testing Service.

  • SEO Services.

  • Subscriber Services.


  • App Development Services including tools for bug reporting.

  • App Integration Service that links different services together.


  • eBook Distribution Service for Art Lover VIP Publications.

  • Streaming services for video, music, audiobooks, and podcasts.


  • Support Ticketing, Knowledgebase, and News Service.

  • Email Services: SMTP; Subscriber; Design.

  • Support Help Desk and Ticketing.

  • Feedback, Roadmap, and Announcement Service.

  • Push Notification Service.

  • Community Sharing Services for Art, Photographs, and Music.

  • Curated Content Feeds for Supporters (website and app).

  • Verifiable Certificates and Badges for Art Lover VIP Supporters.

  • Social Network Support Services for easier management of multiple social networks.

  • Secure Digital Meetings Service that conforms to ISO 27001 Certification.

  • Promotional Services that offer competitions and incentives to support Art Lover VIP.

  • Live Webinar Service for connecting with Art Lover VIP Supporters.

  • Link shortening service to better share content in a variety of settings.

  • Social Proof notification and widget services for the delivery of targeted content.


  • Speech Service for creative projects and transcriptions.

  • Secure Cloud Storage, Backup, and Transmission.

  • Image, Design, and Video Resource Services.

  • Writing Services for creative, copy editing, editorial, legal, and plagiarism.


Windows and Apple software programs assist with the creation, development, and publication of art, music, literature, photography, and ideas that are associated with Art Lover VIP. As the workflow is complex depending on the task, and very many programs are used, the following list presents the general areas were software tools are used.

  • Art and Design

  • Music

  • Illustration

  • Photography

  • Web Design

  • Publishing

  • 3D

  • Video

  • Live Code Application Development: Windows; Apple; HTML

  • Administration and Office

  • Utilities (Windows and Apple)


Hardware costs are kept relatively low.

  • Apple Computer for Music Creation and Production.

  • Windows Computer for Website Development and all other tasks.

  • Workstation Music Keyboard.

  • Music Studio Headphones, Mixing, Monitoring, and Accessories.

  • An array of SSD drives for music libraries and composition.

  • External SSD hard drives for local backup.

  • Keyboards and Office Accessories.


A modest honorarium of US$10 per hour for Mike's time to create, curate, design, manage, and publish existing and new work that is published for all to enjoy.

You may also be interested reading the article Money and Artists which discusses Art Lover VIP income, profit, and presents a comparison of personnel costs.

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