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Why Patreon and Art Lover VIP?

By Mike de Sousa
January 8, 2021

One way Art Lover VIPs offer their support is by a monthly subscription available at Patreon.

Several membership platforms were considered as a means to support Art Lover VIP. Some were promising but failed to process tax and VAT, a major issue as for multiple members this would take a great deal of time and effort to attend to. Other platforms seemed to be a good fit, but the member experience was not so elegant. There was also the option to develop a membership platform from the ground up, but the time that would be needed for maintenance and development make this impractical at this time.

Patreon was chosen as the membership platform for the following reasons:

  • Patreon is a premium, well known membership platform for creative people.

  • Patreon is trusted by over 200,000 subscribers.

  • Patreon handles all VAT and tax worldwide.

  • Patreon offers a range of well tested and reliable subscription models.

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