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Why Paddle Is Art Lover VIPs Payment Processor

By Mike de Sousa
January 8, 2021

Art Lover VIP uses the services of Paddle to process all payments.

Paddle provides an easy way to purchase licenses to enjoy high definition art, music and more at Art Lover VIP. Sales from these licenses help sustain the free availability of artworks and social publications online.

Paddle acts as a reseller of Items licensed for enjoyment by Art Lover VIP, and is therefore the “seller on record”. This way, Paddle is responsible for the collection and payment of VAT and tax, both complex and changing areas of financial responsibility for companies.

Art Lover VIP presents the price of downloads in US$ and including tax. No one wants to see an additional charge at the point of checkout, so this cost is taken on by Art Lover VIP.

You can find out more about Paddle here:

In contrast many payment processors do not charge for or handle tax which is left for the company to resolve. Large companies and organizations have finance personnel and departments that ensure tax compliance, but Art Lover VIP runs a lean framework where everything is optimized for cost, thereby giving supporters of Art Lover VIP the very best value for their support and financial contribution.

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