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ePrivacy Across Art Lover VIP Publications

Cookies, GDPR, CCPA, ePrivacy and Compliance

By Mike de Sousa
July 5, 2022

Privacy Overview

The main privacy page for Art Lover VIP:

The Privacy and Cookie Policies cover visitors to and its associated publications listed on the Discover page at Art Lover VIP.

Essentially, the only cookies that are used help with the smooth running of Art Lover VIP publications. These include those required to deliver the Privacy Consent Service, fonts, and website analytics that help improve the user experience. There is no commercial tracking, nor cookies that are later used by Google, Social Networks, or other commercial companies.

Google Analytics is NOT used by Art Lover VIP because their service is not opaque. In contrast Plerdy, the analytics service used by Art Lover VIP, is fully GDPR compliant, does not capture any personally identifying information (PII), and allows full control over all data and its removal.

How Consent Management Works

Compliance policies and services are delivered by iubenda and Truendo who are specialists in legal compliance and contain the types of information that are collected and how it is used. This helps ensure Art Lover VIP services are updated according to current requirements.

When someone visits the main Art Lover VIP web site iubenda serves a cookie notice with links to the policies. For Art Lover News, Support, and all other websites associated with Art Lover VIP, Truendo serves the cookie notice and provides a Privacy Management Consent panel for visitors to manage their own privacy settings. The iubenda service offers exhaustive compliance serviced by a large legal team and delivers the privacy, cookie, and terms of service for Art Lover VIP. Truendo auto-blocks any third party cookie, service, script, and tracking pixel, then offers the visitor an intuitive way to manage their unique privacy settings.

The following screenshots show the options available to visitors to Art Lover VIP publications:


If the OPTIONS button is chosen the default shows the Necessary cookies are selected. These deliver the privacy service:


When VIEW DETAILS is chosen, the side panel will open that shows the Cookie Management Settings, and links to the Art Lover VIP privacy and cookie policies:


When the down arrow is chosen more information about a particular cookie is shown:


Clicking on the link, in this case 'TRUENDO Privacy Management' opens the details relating to the cookie and explains what the cookie does:



Once the settings have been accepted, a small icon appears in the lower left of web pages whenever the user re-visits. When touching or clicking the icon the privacy settings panel will reopen:


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